Welcome to the Seattle Saturday House website!

"What's House?"

Seattle Saturday House is a weekly gathering of several people who meet and do ... whatever they want! People work on projects, talk about ideas, hatch plans, and play games with each other.  At Saturday House, there is no one single required activity.

For more information, consider the blog post that inspired the Saturday House.


Because we're tired of emailing each other.

Because while it's easy to find stuff to read on the web, it's still too difficult to just talk with people on the web.

We want "Intelligence on Tap." And we've found it.

We've found that it works.

Who Are You People?

See the participants page for the most recently updated list.

We desire diversity in knowledge, diversity in backgrounds; But presently, we are interested in accumulating members.  We look for many different kinds of people: People who love learning, people who love ideas.  People who persue interesting action, people who care about life.  People who know something cool!

We are largely geeks and geek friends, but don't fret if you don't consider yourself either: you're invited!

How Do I Join?

We meet on Saturdays at Giraffe Labs.  The Giraffe Labs is downtown in Pioneer Square;  We open somewhere between 11:00 AM (sketchy) and 2:00 PM (safe) on Saturdays, and tend to close somewhere between 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM (sketchy.)  Just drop in any Saturday!

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The mailing list is also wide open! Come on in, and introduce yourself, tell us who you are -- even if you live 1,000 miles away from the Saturday House.  Be bold!

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There are no membership requirements, or anything like that.


Saturday House is free to all participants. However, it does cost money to run, and we welcome all donations.

Donations will be used first to pay for rent, utilties and expenses for the SODO space. Any extra will go into a pool to provide a buffer for future rent, or whatever the group decides to spend it on. The use of all funds will be posted to the mailing list.

One time donations (Amazon Payments or PayPal):

  • $25 donation via Amazon Payments:


  • $25 donation via PayPal:
  • Other amount:
    Monthly donations (Credit Card or PayPal):
    • $10 a month
    • $25 a month
    • $50 a month
    • $100 a month

    (You can also donate by cash or check at a Saturday House meeting.) 

    Anyone who donates $100, will get access codes to use our space anytime they like for the whole month. Some people are planning to do occasional co-working, host user groups and gaming parties, etc. Just be aware that it's always shared space, we're not doing exclusive rentals.

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