Austria – Who wouldn’t love this place?

One of the things Austrians are most well-known for is their musical talent, many of the most appreciated classical music composers like Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert, Franz Liszt, Johann Strauss, Gustav Mahler or Anton Bruckner being from Austria. The locals are also known for their love of the outdoors, especially enjoying mountainous landscapes and practicing sports like skiing, rock climbing or cycling. The way Austrians view themselves differs greatly from the way they are perceived by foreigners. People who visit the country tend to see the locals…

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Clearly Fresh Bags Review

Have you seen or heard of the special plastic bags that keep your fruits and vegetable fresh for a long time? There are few products like that on the market and I’ve been eyeing them for some quite time….you know me…..big skeptic over here…. Well, recently I got the opportunity to try and review Clearly Fresh Bags….. ….no….I did not buckle down under the pressure of advertising or my dad telling me to buy some and let him know….. This time I was given a package of 10 FREE Clearly…

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Chicago Travel 

Things to Do in Downtown Chicago in the Winter

Chicago might be famous for incredibility cold winters but that still doesn’t need to keep any one indoors. No one should feel confined to a hotel room with Chicago’s world class shopping, a nationally-recognized theater district and ice skating through the city. With so many attractions with in walking distance and an easy subway system, downtown Chicago is easy to navigate even in below-freezing weather conditions. Just remember to bundle up before you head out. Ice Skate in Millennium Park Go ice skating at one of Chicago’s most famous landmarks,…

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How To Make Candied Lemon Chips Health & Wellness 

How To Make Candied Lemon Chips

Decorating cakes and desserts is one of my passions…..I am not a professional by any means, but I do love the challenge and learning. As much as I love working and experimenting with fondant…..chocolate or gum paste…..I love decorating my desserts with fresh garnishes…. One of my favorite fresh garnishes are Candied Lemon Chips (or orange chips). Candied Lemon Chips add beauty, fresh look & special touch to anything from cheesecakes…..granitas…..parfaits…. The best part….super easy and quick to make. How To Make Candied Lemon Chips: STEP 1: In a saucepan…

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