My Body Is His Atlas! Space 

If Wrinkles Are God’s Road Map…My Body Is His Atlas!

Today I looked in my mirror and saw my mother staring back at me. This is scary in itself as my mother passed away 14 years ago…but what I mean is…I have her face. Each wrinkle and sag was her payback for my teenage years…I just know it. I waved at my reflection and said, “Hi Mom, good to see you.” And it was. Isn’t it funny how life does this to us? Or should I say “for us”? We reach an age where we really need make-up and can…

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Carry A Comfortable Bed With You Everywhere You Go

People who go camping or trekking are usually the ones that love the outdoors. If you love to stay connected with nature, but hate the idea of having to struggle through the night in an uncomfortable sleeping bag, it’s time you got looked at the various portable two person hammock available in the market these days. These hammocks are very easy to set up and take down. If you are not keen on sleeping close to the ground, investing in a portable hammock will be highly beneficial to you. While…

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