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Common Drugstore Yeast Infection Remedies

When you get a yeast infection you want to treat it fast! The itching and discomfort can make everyday life impossible. There are numerous yeast infection remedies available at your local drug store that you can get without a prescription. Most of these work well and will help to alleviate symptoms fairly quickly.

What you see most on the shelves in the pharmacy will likely be yeast infection remedies for vaginal yeast infections as these are the most common. The ingredient in these creams is only harmful to the yeast bacteria and will not kill the good bacteria in the body. They are available to be applied internally with a special applicator, which kills the yeast at its source, as well as a cream which is applied externally to relieve the itching and burning symptoms.

There are also topical creams available for other types of yeast infections such as the one’s babies and men can get. Yeast infection remedies of this type are applied to the affected area several times a day and help to relieve the symptoms.

A yeast infection is sometimes also referred to as a fungal infection so some types of antifungal creams may also work to treat your symptoms. All of these creams and lotions are available without a prescription. If you feel your infection is more serious, or if you are not certain it is, in fact, a yeast infection, be sure to consult your physician.

It is important to be aware that all of these types of yeast infection remedies will take a few days to cure the infection. With most, it will take about three days.

The most important thing to remember about yeast infections is to treat them quickly. Yeast bacteria can grow and multiply very fast and what seems like a mild infection today can turn into a full-blown irritation tomorrow. Yeast infection remedies, as mentioned, do take some time to work, so be sure not to waste time getting treatment started!

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