What is Facet Syndrome?

Facet syndrome is a situation in which the joints of low back collapse and consequently cause pain. The facet joints are present at every level of the lumbar spine on both sides and make the twisting immovability possible up to 20% in the lower back. Every joint is positioned in a sophisticated way at all levels of the backbone to support the rotational movements and puts off each vertebra from tripping over the lower one. Facet syndrome is usually caused by aging, misuse, athletic injuries, or some other distortions like whiplash. The most common symptoms of the disease include headache, glowing pain in the upper back, and trouble in neck movement.

Facet syndrome cruelty shows a discrepancy from person to person thus the way of treatment and prevention varies consequently. Some facets occur due to the compression when a body leans back or moves to any other side and one who suffers from such a problem would feel pain in these poses. The facet syndrome patients would get relaxing positions where they find relief. A few specialists consider that this pain may deteriorate the muscles helping to make the spinal column stronger and cause instability.

A good thing is that it’s not impossible to get a person out of facet syndrome pain. It can be accomplished by adjustment and mobilization of joint cartilage so that the patient’s released and feels remedial affect. It’s however a time taking process and may take up to 3 days to beg off the irritation until you feel considerable respite.

In order to avid the facet syndrome there are several products, treatments and other activities to help you in this clause. One can get rid of facet syndrome implementing some of the instructions like the selection of suitable mattresses, chairs, and cushions. Softback braces can be helpful for facet syndrome victims as it influences instantly and gives relief to the patients. Several devices such as low back traction, electric stimulation, ultrasound, ice packs, hot packs, mechanical massage, and many others can be used to reduce the pain due to facet syndrome.

In order to prevent any unkind situation caused by facet syndrome we commit to provide you with the latest information about the treatment process with guidelines for specific stretches and exercises. These compressive stresses over the vertebrae recover the previous injuries thus you can strike the gravity and overcome the terrible side effects of facet syndrome. For further assistance the patients may call for top-rated U.S spine surgeons, especially chiropractic specialists.

Why Marketing is a Good Business

Many people have always dreamed about owning their own business, but a lot of people lack the knowledge or the course of education that it is required to start a multi-million dollar corporate empire. The ultimate American dream for many is setting up a business, running it, and succeeding and providing for more than just food for their families. The dream of riches, wealth, and time freedom seems wonderful to the majority of the population. So is there any other way of starting a business rather than choosing the corporate path? Of course there is and this article is going to cover many ways to take steps to achieve that ideal “American dream.”

There are a lot of forms of business that one could get into without pursuing the corporate path. The “home-based business” world is well known for luring millions of people every day into a new business venture. The term “home-based business” isn’t necessarily referring to a business built right from home. There are many businesses that include hotel meetings, restaurant meetings, airport meetings, pretty much anywhere that seems decent to hold a brief informational seminar. The term home-based business was just coined for those who choose to build the growth of income aside from a job or a corporate business. There are many forms of home-based business, some of the most popular ones are:

1) MLM: Also known as multi-level marketing, many people mistake this for illegal pyramid schemes because of how similar the pay structure can be. For instance, With the right strategic medical spa marketing, you can easily promote your medical spa. 

2) Internet marketing: This is a broad genre of business, it can also include MLM, affiliate marketing, service promotion, real estate promotion, the list goes on…

The question that a lot of people face and seem quite confused about is, how in the world do people make so much money running a business from home? That’s a simple question to answer but not so easy to be understood. It always depends on the pay structure as well as the product you are representing; however, if you choose a specific route to go the compensation can be very rewarding. Being a home-based business owner gives you the benefit of making money without having to worry about paying for employees. Selling products whether it be online or offline all can add up. Think about if you promoting a 20 dollar product and you sold approximately 100 of those products. That’s an easy 2,000 dollars in your pocket. Now imagine if you were to take this seriously and run your business full time. If you sold 1000 of those 20 dollar products every month, that’s 20,000 dollars straight to your bank account.

Some of the richest people in the world even say that home-based businesses are of the smartest and fastest developing industries in the world. Many people don’t want to have to go through the regular routine of their 40 hours plus job every single day. People want to live the life of the richest, but many people seem to understand that it does require some work. The percentage of success in the home business world is a small 3% success rate. That leaves the other 97% wishing they had never got into that business. Those statistics continue to haunt a lot of home-based business owners when it comes to recruiting new people into their business.

Although the failure rate is so high that doesn’t mean it’ impossible to reach success. All it takes is hard work and motivation to carry you through any obstacles that seem to come by your way. Let’s take for example the owner of Facebook. He started this social network while he was attending college and now he is one of the richest people in the world. Success isn’t just going to come by to a standstill man, it does require work, but once you put the effort into building a home-based business empire it can provide a lot of advantages in your life as well as your family’s life.

Treating Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin Problems

If you are a new parent and your baby has sensitive skin, what can you do? Of course, stores are filled with baby lotions, baby powders, and baby oil and wash. But, what if those products don’t do well for your baby? What if they make your child’s sensitive skin irritated, causing eczema, rashes, and overly dry skin? Here are some tips to keep your infant’s skin beautiful and smooth. Determine if the products that you’re using are really causing your child’s skin to break out. If so, what are some alternatives for taking care of your baby’s skin beside Medical Spa Treatments?


Vaseline is a wonderful cure-all. If you want to prevent diaper rash, use smooth Vaseline all over your baby’s bottom and entire diaper area. I especially do this at night. Two kids, never a case of diaper rash so far. (Knock on wood.)

For beautiful, smooth skin, use Vaseline as an all-over moisturizer. My daughter has really sensitive skin and has a negative reaction to baby lotions. It causes her to break out. So, I use Vaseline instead to moisturize her, and the rash has started slowly fading away.

She had extremely dry skin on her face. I applied Vaseline to it each day and her skin eventually stopped being so dry and flaking.


If your baby is suffering from baby acne, try giving the baby small amounts of water to help clear it up. Also, I found the best thing was to keep the baby’s face washed with a washcloth and water several times throughout the day. I did this with my son and daughter, and it helped to clear up their skin. The doctor told me that it would take a long time to go away, and prescribed me some expensive skin medicine to apply to my daughter’s face. I, however, just focused on keeping her face really clean with a dampened washcloth every couple of hours, and her skin cleared up in about two weeks.


Cetaphil is a great sensitive skin cleanser and moisturizer. It is highly recommended by pediatricians for young children. I haven’t used it yet, but I plan on buying it for my daughter. I used the cleanser for myself a couple of years ago, and it was great. It can be pricey if you buy it at a regular store. But, if you are a member of Costco’s or Sam’s they carry it in bulk for around $7, whereas at a regular store you could pay around $10-14 for just one bottle.

So, if your baby has sensitive skin that does not react well to the conventional baby products, try these solutions, and you’ll see improvement in your baby’s beautiful skin.

3D Printing- Service Before Self Motto For Immediate Success

Why is it that when something new comes out, it is met with ridicule and skepticism instead of praise and anticipation? Why should the person who has invested so much into a venture for the benefit of mankind be treated in such a way?

When Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin in 2009, how many people could envisage at the time that it would become such a phenomenal success throughout the world and how many people encouraged its makers?

There are numerous examples you can find where scientists came out with some new invention and every time they were made a laughing stock by everyone but the same naysayers had to eat their words when these inventions became a part of their daily lives.

Digitized Technology

Charles Babbage is considered the father of computers and it is to him that goes the credit for revolutionizing technology and making it accessible to the common man but it became so only in the 1970s and that too limited to United States and other developed countries.

Then followed the internet revolution in the 1980s and finally came 3D, one of the best computer designs that came from a unique object of three dimensions that was to become a unique brand in itself.

3D printing is a technique that slowly began to take shape but was met with skepticism in its nascent stages because this was technique that wasn’t tried out before so no one had any idea how it would fare out among the people.

Sir Isaac Newton had used the prism that produced the seven colors of the rainbow when sunlight passed through it and 3D was seen in a similar light because it was not something that common people had heard of.

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to 3D is that it enhances the images that appear larger in size to the naked eye, which is why people are made to wear special colored glasses (3D glasses) in the theatres when watching a 3D film.

It gives the impression that the objects thrown across the screen are aimed at you and this phenomenon is similar to the desert mirage where you get the sun induced delusion of water in the sand.


It is impossible not to mention about ekocycle when the discussion is about 3D printers because this company has played a huge role through its products in enhancing 3D technology to a great extent, which was how it was deemed usable for printers.

Ekocycle was a byproduct of the Coca Cola brand and it promotes sustainability by manufacturing products of high caliber that are immediately relatable to the consumers where there is this cube that is used for filament after recycling plastic bottles.

There is an amalgamation of the cubes and the crafters who use recycling process to make their products reusable and similarly 3D printing follows the same pattern, which is how ekocycle is a useful tool for reintroducing used objects back into the game where they are renewable enough to be used a number of times.

Ekocycle cartridge is designed in such a way that it can use 3 recycled bottles at a time alongwith the accessories of the desktop where you can load and reload the cartridge once in a while if it runs out of ink due to excessive use.


3D printing is based on three things that make it usable- Subtractive manufacturing, Injecting Molding and addictive manufacturing and these 3 are considered the foundation stones for it.

The first one creates 3D objects by cutting solid materials made from metal and at a quicker pace with the help of a CNC machine. It can also be considered the best beginner 3D printers on an ekocycle at a larger scale.

The second one manufactures different products in huge numbers and at a breakneck speed so that there is no delay in image fixing or other processes that might come in handy.

Addictive manufacturing is the final form involved for 3D printing that can produce 3 dimensional objects from digital files stored online. They all are easily accessible to its users where consumers can utilize both hardware and software for learning the technology that has come into the field.

Paris Vacation: Camping the Grounds of Paris

One of the attractions of Paris and the surrounding countryside is the ability and pleasure of camping. From RV camping to sleeping, literally, under the stars there is a trip for everyone to enjoy. Some of the best camp grounds are in Brittany, Languedoc, Charent-Maritime, Aquitaine, Central Cote d’Azur and Vendee. Depending on your camping style and desired experience will decide where you want to camp.

Brittany is more of a historical resort; taking you through many activities including a storytelling of the past. You can visit the beautiful buildings and take part in arts and crafts with a historical renaissance theme. Part of the grounds is a walk along a pathway that tells the story of King Arthur and his magician Merlin as you traverse the path. Storytellers and musicians come to play and entertain so you are bound to find something exciting for the whole family. If you enjoy a Renaissance Faire environment you will love Brittany. The reliable motorhome battery can be used in the homes of the person. The selection should be done of the batteries after making the comparison. The entertainment through musicians and storytellers will be effective. The environment at the home will be positive with the availability of powerful motor home batteries. 

Languedoc is a naturalist’s paradise. Lush gardens and ripe grapevines are just some of the wonderful experiences to entice you to stay. Located near the Pyrenees mountains allows you to take part in horseback rides and hiking through the mountain trails. It is also close to antique shops and mature entertainment for those not into the out of doors adventures. You can find yourself in a labyrinth of pathways leading to more beautiful features and historic landmarks and all while just strolling the grounds.

If you’d love to walk and explore a beach then Aquitaine is the campground for you. You can visit the beaches that stretch from France through Spain and into the Pyrenees Mountains. Walking along the beach you can enjoy the surf, sun, and the occasional vineyard. Since grapes are one of the most important agricultural industries in France you will find a variety of places to visit and to learn about wine making and growing grapes. You may also find yourself close to a nude beach, if that is you thing.

Golfing, swimming, museums, wildlife, monuments deep sea diving, what’s not to love at Vendee. This is the area for a vacation of a lifetime; you get to spend time in romantic Paris and participate in some of the most cultural aspects of France. If you enjoy learning and exploring while resting and relaxing then Vendee is the place for you. Vendee also sports one of Paris’s most popular nude beaches, La Faute sur Mer, the Pointe d’Arcay region.

Weight Watchers: A Plan for Those Who Plan

In a previous article about diet plans, I discussed the WeightWatchers plan a little bit. I’d like to go further into my great experience with the program in this article.

I have always been a huge fan of weight watchers as I have heard many positive remarks about it from my friends so thought I should try this plan out as I wanted to lose weight for a long time and before it caused a resurge, I planned to get rid of it once and for all.

I joined WeightWatchers in 2002 at the weight of 222lbs. I had been trying the program on my own online and it just wasn’t working out for me. I didn’t have that added pressure of someone actually making me weigh in every week so I would fudge around with my points a bit and overeat and say to myself “Well, since I am doing this by myself, I can just not weigh in this week. I will wait until next week.” I ended up doing that every week. I did this until a coworker at my work asked me to join the meetings with her. She wanted to lose weight, but didn’t want to go to the meetings alone.

I walked into the meeting excited. I felt at home with other overweight people sitting around me. My friend and I filled out or forms, paid the fee to join and were weighed in. We sat through the meeting and thought it was actually very informative and a nice social atmosphere. After the meeting, our leader gave us tips and helped us learn some of the basics since we were new.

My friend and I were very motivated and excited and followed our points exactly. During the weigh in the following week I lost 7lbs and she lost 6lbs. We were very excited and extremely motivated. Over the next few months I never ever went over my points, and made sure that I exercised a lot and earned even more points. My friend, although she was still losing, got into the habit of going out to eat after weigh in and over indulging. She used the entire week to make up for that one meal. About five months into the program I started getting into that habit myself. Most of the time it worked out for me, other times I only lost 0.8 instead of 1 or 2lbs. Let me tell you, that is one habit I don’t recommend getting into, as it is an extremely hard habit to break.

By June of 2003 I was down to 174lbs. I truly believe this is a wonderful and realistic program. It works if you work it. Unfortunately for me, I picked up a few bad habits that were hard to break. The point of the plan is flexibility. Since you can eat what you want, just in moderation, there is no need to overindulge, as you do not need to. Often times people binge and overindulge because they feel deprived. You do not have to feel deprived on WeightWatchers. Also, one of the main tips WeightWatcher has is that if you mess up one day, start over the next. Forget it, and move on. Do not keep spiraling downwards. We all make mistakes and you just move on. Don’t let small mistakes get to you. At the weight of 174lbs I still had about 25lbs to go to reach my goal. I started to stall out at this point and go up and down. I truly believe that the reason for this, was that while I would often stay in my points, I was eating a lot of processed junk like low fat hot dogs and fat free Pringles. I should have been eating more protein and healthy carbs. Not to mention that this was around the time that I met my husband. There was a lot of going out to eat and popcorn and candy at the movies, stuff like that. I lost my focus. I got pregnant, had a baby and it has been two and a half years since he was born. I have not been in a place yet where a meeting has been close enough for me to attend again, and my husband schedule is so unpredictable so it makes joining meetings hard.

WeightWatchers now has two plan options. When I joined it was Winning Points. Since then they have changed to The Flex Plan and The Core Plan. The Flex plan, like winning points assigns you a specific amount of points daily depending on your weight. However, you also receive 35 extra points a week called Flex Points. These are extra points to use if you go out to eat or are feeling extra hungry. I believe it is very similar to the Winning points plan, but switched around a bit. The Core plan is a non-points counting plan. You are given a list of Core foods such as chicken, lean beef, fruits, vegetables, whole grains such as brown rice, whole wheat pasta, etc. You can eat as many of these foods as you need to feel satisfied, not overly full, but satisfied. Except for Potatos, rice and pasta. You can only have one of those daily. Not all three. If you want to eat more than one, or want something not on the core list, you have 35 weekly points to use on those types of foods. I think had I eaten Core foods, and followed Thee Flex plan for portion control I would have been to goal long ago.

WeightWatchers. A great plan, for those who plan. When I did the program the first time, I always planned out my meals a head of time. If plans changed, that is fine but at least I had some ideas of what to eat to stay within points. This is a great plan. Anyone can do it. You can do it! I can do it.

Grow Lights- Led Solution For a Present Day Electrical Problem

There are numerous problems that the world is grappling with like the corona virus pandemic which has put the entire world under siege and claimed thousands of lives until now and the count keeps increasing with each passing day.

We have had dark times in the past but none more deadly than this because the graveness of the situation can be gauged from the fact that it has made even enemy countries to join hands together, albeit reluctantly, to fight off the invisible virus and eradicate it for good.

2020 could not have begun on a worse note and this pandemic succinctly sums up why people want this year to end and many of them would rewind it back to old times if it were possible to do so.

Lighting Up

When there has been a mention of dark times and how it has become a big problem, it is only but natural that the solution would be concerned with light but this is no ordinary light but one that has become the only choice to repel darkness during nighttime.

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) is a cultural phenomenon that dates back to the 1960s where a semiconductor emanates a source of light whenever electricity is passed through it but very few people know that LED was not considered a worthy option as a replacement measure in lights.

The skepticism stemmed from the fact that since electricity was already a popular source used in tube lights and bulbs, why should diodes be considered as a new measure so the idea was abandoned.

LED had very low intensity when used in lights for the first time in 1962 but never really made the cut as far as adaptability factor is concerned and the main reason could be that none could see the potential in it at the time.

Nevertheless, its importance cannot be denied and the above usage of LED can be considered a watershed in the field of electric light where it was found out that it can be used as an alternative for various sources of light.

Lighting up has become easier in current times and the credit goes to LED for bringing revolutionary measures and simply not being a choice for limited sources and expanding the horizon more broadly because it is important for light to escape the confines of prism and develop at a faster pace to match the speed it is renowned for at a bigger level.

Matter of Choice

While the history of electroluminescence dates back to 1907, the very first LED was a Russian invention that came into play in 1927 and the credit goes to Oleg Losev, who then proceeded to make his invention public and distributed it in large numbers to Soviet, Britain and Germany.

LED grow lights are sourced from plants and the crop has to be kept in mind before choosing it as they need to be ascertained thoroughly before going ahead with the purchase.

Many people want to know about which LED grow lights are best for growing weed? Luckily, they can find the necessary items available in the market because the new diamond series of lights has advanced LED that goes well with any crop, most particularly marijuana.

It is all a matter of choice on whether you want to choose grow lights are not but the crux of the issue is that you need to have sound knowledge about plants and crops that can be useful in LED lights as they are quite ubiquitous.

Bigger the area space, the more will be the wattage capacity for LED light so if you are a beginner that has little knowledge about lighting, it is best to take an expert into the wing.

Buying Pilates Equipment and What is Best for You

When it comes to pilates, there are actually a surprising number of different pieces of equipment that you can buy. While usually very simple, these training devices are often very, very effective. In this article I will go over some of the best little devices you can get to help you with your pilates.

The “Exercise Ball”

You know what this is. It’s one of those over-sized kick balls from gym class. While they may seem silly, the exercise ball provides many things for you, the most important of these things being balance. You’ll need some instruction to use the ball, try to find a good, cheap book or DVD on pilates that use the exercise ball. When you learn the different exercises, you will learn that a lot of different exercise require you to balance on a central point, making the muscles in the surrounding area do a lot of work. Not only is this great exercise, it’s a fantastic way to improve how much you can do with your body, most obviously being improved balance. These can be pretty cheap, and that’s only good news for you. I’ve seen these around for anything between 10 and 25 dollars (USD). I picked up the one in my house at a department store for only 12 dollars, and it is easily worth every penny.

The Stretch Band

These are great! Super cheap and especially effective for abdominal exercises. You’ll look kind of funny while learning to use such a tool, but that is nothing compared to how much you will get out of it when you are experienced with it. For those of you who do not know, the stretch band acts as a resistance force between your leg muscles and abdominal muscles. When you push against this force, it makes for one heck of a difficult exercise. Once again, you’ll be best off learning how to do these exercises from a cheap pilates book or DVD. At online search engines, there will be list of top 10 Pre Workouts supplements that can be purchased through the person. The trainer in the gym is guiding the person for the consumption of the pills. The expiry date should be checked before the purchase. The selection of the best should be done through the person for energy. 

The “Ab Roller”

The generic ab roller ISN’T really a pilates item, but it is certainly worth mentioning. This should only be used by those who are more advanced and can do abdominal exercises with ease and need a bigger challenge in that area. I’ve got to mention that when I first tried using one of these, I fell flat on the floor. It is very difficult indeed. These are usually very cheap (10-15 USD) and can also be known as “ab wheels” or “exercise wheels”.

A Nice Exercise Mat

These are essential for exercise around the house. Make sure you clean these after EVERY use to avoid germs and infections. Once again, you can probably find these fairly cheaply.

Whatever it is you consider buying, be sure to do some homework first. Keep one thing in mind about pilates though: Your total bill here is about 50-60 dollars. What’s that compared to buying huge exercise machines or years of a membership at a gym? See if pilates are right for you!

The Law of Attraction in Action

My husband and I took a trip last weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We went on the Grand Canyon Railway. The trip was awesome. There was lots of good energy, good company and laughter.

We came into contact with lots of nice people on the train ride but there was one particular situation that activated my thought process and exemplified The Law of Attraction.

A family of five had the two seats in front of us on both sides of the aisle. There were three small children. Their ages were twenty-one months, eight and nine. They were typical children from all appearances and were full of energy, excitement and anticipation. The youngest child had been adopted and was very cute. She was the center of attention for the whole family but got what she wanted by screaming until she received what she desired. It was a very high-pitched scream that invaded my nervous system. The mother would admonish the child by taking her from whoever was holding her and telling her not to scream. The mother told the rest of the family that the little girl needed a time out. After the little girl had initiated this process at least four times, it became a habit for the mother and the child.

On the trip back, the little girl fell asleep on the mom’s shoulder in the back of the train. The older sister and brother then vied for attention from the parents by disturbing other passengers and testing everyone’s patience and tolerance levels to the limit.

I did not let the experience go after getting off the train. I merely allowed the anxiety from the experience to continue by discussing the situation with my husband while seated at a picnic table outside the gift shop. I looked up and there was the family again. My husband and I looked at one another, gathered our belongings and went to our room to change for dinner. I knew that food would relax me and I would become grounded once again. I was still holding on to the thoughts and feelings I had allowed these children and their parents to evoke in me. We walked to a restaurant we had previously eaten at and looked around. The moment I thought it would be OK to eat there my husband told me to look to my right. You guessed it. There was my favorite family. We walked out and found a restaurant up the street. After we ordered, I told my husband that I had to let go of all thoughts and feelings I had about this family in order to stop attracting them. I finally accomplished this by relaxing and focusing on the food and my husband’s nice company.

I believe in The Law of Attraction and also in the lessons I learn by being aware of each experience. This particular lesson taught me that next time my patience and tolerance has reached the breaking point, I will complain to the appropriate party and they will either change our seats or the children will change their seats. I will then let go of the experience and enjoy the hour I spent focusing and attracting this family into my space.

I love it when The Law of Attraction is so blatantly displayed to me. I’m writing about this experience to reinforce the belief system of some people and to persuade non-believers. It also has brought me closure.

It is like a dream come true for me as I feel that my deepest desires have been realized and hope to achieve more in life for which I’ll be eternally grateful to the law of attraction and the article on welcome to Manifestation Magic Reviews for being my guiding force.

Diy Insulation Of a Hot Water Heater

Installing an insulation blanket around a hot water heater can provide significant savings in electric or gas fuel bills all year long, but especially during the winter season. Depending on how your water heater is constructed (all water heaters have some insulation inside the metal wall) adding an insulation blanket can reduce heat loss by anywhere from 20 to 40%. Insulation kits may be purchased at Home Improvement stores for $19 to $26 depending on the size and R-value. This initial cost can easily be recovered in the first year with savings in fuel bills which can be as much as 5% of your annual water heating bill.

Before purchasing and installing your own insulation kit and the other material you need for your DIY project you should first check with your local utility company (Gas or Electric) as some companies provide free insulation kits along with the best impact driver range at Installation of purchased kits is a relatively simple task. There are different requirements for insulating electric vs. gas water heaters. These differences will be pointed out below.

Step 1 – Measure and record the height and circumference of your water tank. These measurements will help you select the proper size blanket to purchase in pre-cut kits.

Step 2 – At Home Improvement store purchase a pre-cut kit that meets your measured requirements. For best results only purchase a kit offering insulation value of R-8 or higher.

Step 3 – For safety, it is best to cut off the power to the electric tank before installing the blanket. On gas, tanks switch the thermostat to “pilot”.

Another safety consideration is ensuring that the heater is wiped clean and free of dirt and grime to avoid having these wrapped in the insulation blanket and later combusting.

Step 4 – On electric tank install top cap first by fitting the cap over the tank top and around any outlet pipes. Taped seams around pipes with duct tape. Tape edges overlapping edges of the tank down with duct tape.

Do not add a top cap on gas-fired water heaters.

Step 5 – Wrap the main body of the blanket horizontally around the main tank of the heater. It will be much easier to have a helper when doing this. Fit the blanket beneath any external pipes of the heater tank, and keep insulation away from the flue at the top of the tank.

Be observant noticing the location of the drain valve and the access panel for the heater.

Step 6 – If the insulation kit includes Velcro or other belts, wrap these around the tank evenly spaced one-third of the distance from the top and one-third of the distance from the bottom of the heater to secure the blanket. This will be easier if you temporarily secure the blanket in place with duct tape until the straps are in place.

If the kit does not contain straps secure the blanket in place first by placing ten-inch strips of duct tape horizontally at 12-inch intervals across the seam where the blanket edges meet . Once the blanket is held in place add a second strip of duct tare running vertically down the entire length of the seam.

Step 7 – Locate the heater access panel and thermostat and using a utility knife cut an “X” from the upper corner of one side of the panel to the lower and opposite corner. Fold the cut panels underneath the blanket to allow access to the panel.

Step 8 – Ensure that the blanket does not cover the tank drain valve or come within six inches of the flue at the top of the tank. If necessary cut blanket to avoid this.

Step 9 – Electric water heaters may also be insulated on the bottom of the tank. If your kit provides a bottom blanket tape this in place using duct tape.

Do not insulate the bottom of a gas-fired water heater!

Step 10 – Turn electric power on or the move the gas switch from “pilot” to heat position.

This is a project anyone can do and it saves energy both for the homeowner and the nation.

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