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Top 6 Places to Shop CBD in NYC

Hemped NYC

One of the best places to visit in NYC if you are looking for high quality products is Hemped NYC. They offer CBD infused deep tissue massage oil for an affordable price. The products that they offer are extracted from the finest hemp-derived cannabinoid plants. If you are also looking for full-spectrum CBD products, Hemped NYC got you covered. Hemped NYC is known for its quality and organic CBD products. They are located at 199 Orchard St. You can also visit to get a discount their site at for more quality and highly organic products.


Another popular CBD shop in New York City is MedMen. The shop is located at 433 Fifth Ave. at Bryan Park. The company has a full-service dispensary and they offer wide variety of CBD products such as drops, wellness gels, yoga mats and even metered ground flower for vaporization. The company has also a digital platform called Ember. This platform offers a POV on wellness, style, food, travel through a cannabis lens. But before you buy products from their shop, you must have a physician recommendation and a NYSDOH registry ID. You can also visit their website at The company also take delivery orders.

The Alchemist’s Kitchen

The Alchemist’s kitchen is another shop that you can consider if you want to shop CBD products in New York City. One of the best things about this shop is that they are known for connecting the power of plants. This shop is considered as a hub for the global transformational community. The hub is located at 21 E. 1st St. The NYC flagship includes an herbal counter and botanical dispensary. The shop also sells seasonal elixirs. You can also talk to the shop’s expert herbalist. The Alchemist’s Kitchen also offers lots of events and social gatherings.

High Vibe

Located at 138 E. 3rd St., High Vibe is known for its raw, vegan and gluten-free foods. They also offer food supplements, natural beauty items and vitamins. This company is founded by Robert Dagger who is an expert in cleansing, detoxing, and dealing with drops of different concentrations. One of the main goals of the company is to educate people on the best, effective and safest way to use all of the products that they offer. You can visit their site at

Natural Releaf

If you are a person who is more into CBD infused products and herbs, Natural ReLeaf is the best store for you. The company has two locations: 247 E. 77th St. on the Upper East Side and 470 Third Avenue in Murray Street. Some of the CBD products they offer include oil tinctures, night and day creams, sprays and others. 


Last on our list is Luxe. It is located at the 420, A CBD Store at 145 Greene St. in the heart of SoHo. This company features premium, hand-selected products from top CBD brands. Topical pain relief, medicinal tinctures, pet and beauty products are just some of the goods they offer.

Here Are Few Things Responsible For Success Of Mr Vyboh

People who loves to rest can never achieve their dreams or goals and Mr Vyboh understood this thing long time ago which is why he is considered as the topmost businessman of all time. You can easily get inspired from his life and for that you have to stay till the end of this article. 

No one can distract this man from his goals and this is the talent that you have to build by changing your attitude. He himself did that and now he is the owner of many companies and also he runs charity of women and children.

His abilities are incomparable

As we know that abilities can be enhanced by for that you need to find your true self which Mr Vyboh has found. He also follows never to say die attitude which keeps his going through his darkest days too. Also he learned and developed different set of skills by doing different jobs in his life. 

No one can become a successful businessman as first you need to do a lot of struggle. He did a lot in his life which results him in development of skills.

Owner of multiple ventures

He owns different companies in his life and currently he is the chairman of the company called as middlecap. He does not only run the businesses but also he used to race in the Ferrari event which is also called as motorsport event. He is all rounder who runs businesses, takes part in motorsport racing and also runs non-profit organization.

The charity he runs is completely for the children and women those who are lacking resources in their life. He is such a great example for the youth who are not even trying their best in life to achieve dreams.

Multiple Purposes of Custom Printed Labels for Your Business

Nowadays, labels are widely used by companies in order to communicate with their customers about the products. Through labels, all the necessary information about a particular product can be seen through the product label. As a matter of fact, if you own a business, you can print anything on the label and put information such as the batch number, name of the product, date of manufacture and others. There are some kinds of print labels in the market but the most common is the custom printed labels. These labels are usually used in marketing. Custom printed labels can deliver message on the product and help the business to promote it to the target market.

One of the best things about custom printed labels is that they are available in different sizes and shapes. You have the option to add content of your product in various styles. This will allow you to deliver information about your product in a short yet sweet way. For you to get the attention of your potential buyer, you may opt to create designs and styles of the label in a creative way. This will help you easily catch their attention which may result to pitch of sales.

Since it is a custom label, you have the freedom to choose any style of your preference.  You can also ask a company to design custom label of your product. Most of the service providers of custom label printing utilize different materials in order to create an attractive label. Of course, your preference or choice would always be the number one priority. You can also avail highly durable label that can last for a long period of time. You just have to decide on which style, design, color and quality of the materials that you want to use and the service provider will follow whatever you want.

Another benefit of using custom printed label is that it is cost effective. This is also the reason why lots of businesses are using this material in order to promote their product or to enhance the appearance of the items they are offering. Compared to other tools in marketing, printed labels are very cost effective. If you own a small business and if you don’t have huge budget for promotion and any marketing strategies, custom printed labels can be a great choice for you. They are cheaper yet they can help you effectively promote your business.

Custom printed labels and product name labels also serve as an image of your brand. The labels of your products are like the first thing that your customers will see once they see your products. This is why it is important to ensure that the labels are appealing and contain all the necessary information. You can also use custom printed labels in other items of your busines such as the packaging, mailing materials and many more. Your approach in creating custom product labels will determine its success and effectiveness. 

Paid Survey- The Best Tool For Companies Out There

As we know that nowadays reviews or we can say opinions are the most important thing on the basis of which we can come to know about the service. People in today’s time do not give opinions either on the products or on the site which is why paid survey has been introduced.

If you want to know more about it then make sure to tap on on which you will come to know about the reality check of the people. Also if we talk about paid surveys then they are all started with market research. Most of the companies had used this practice for many reasons. 

Some of them wanted to get close to the people while others wanted to target people as their customers. There are many reasons but the most important one is that they really wanted to hear the opinions. It is because opinions let them know how good or bad their company or services is.

It is the means to hear the voice of the public or we can say customers but people do not want to give surveys which is why they introduced the paid surveys. Now in this if people give surveys then in return they will be rewarded with money. Now as we know people love money and for that they can do a simple survey without leaving their house.

Paid surveys also results in attracting more and more people which is why this idea is now adopted by almost all the companies because they want to hear people. You can do the surveys on their official site but before that you must read out their terms and conditions and then you should proceed.

How does it work?

If we talk about its working then you must need to know that it is as simple as browsing an internet. There are different sites of different companies and you simply need to give it a try and your work will be done. Anyone out there can give it a try it is easy as you simply need to answer questions asked by them.

There is one more thing you need to keep in mind which is subscribing as you need to subscribe first and everything will be going to begin. If there is something you cannot understand then you need to skip that part and focus on the next one. Also you can subscribe on other sources too right online.

What is the need of surveys?

Number one need of surveys is to know about what people wants. Company wants to work on the needs and requirements of people which is why there is a need of paid surveys. Now the paid factor will be going to attract people and this it will make them easy to collect the data that will help in improving them.

Any kind of new innovation in market required the opinion of public because without them it might be nearly impossible to work on. Most of the new companies uses this method which helps them in growing and also it is easy to use as you simply need to send an invitation to the people out there. 

Is it beneficial?

If we talk about benefits of paid surveys then yes it is highly beneficial because people can easily be invited and they can easily give opinions on your surveys. On the other hand they will be rewarded with money and now that is the main point which attracts people. 

Points will be rewarded as soon as they take part in the survey and complete it without any issues at all. You can convert those points in cash or gift vouchers which is up to you.

Final words

Companies are highly benefited by paid servers because this is the only way in which they can come to know about the customer reviews. Business or company owners makes improvement on the basis of this thing. You simply need to tap on the link and your will be redirected to the website. 

Registration is required and you need to keep that thing in mind before the beginning of the surveys and have fun in earning.

How To Build A Social Media Voting Circle

One of the frequent questions I am asked is how to really get results on social news and bookmarking sites like Digg, Mixx, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and other sites like these. While the general consensus is to submit good content, participate, and help others out, that really doesn’t give people a road map on how to use these sites.

I am going to share with you a strategy on how to build a social media voting circle. To be frank about it this is basically what a lot of top social media people do and some would say that it is against the spirit of these social networks. But honestly that is a naive point of view. The best stories that make the front page of Digg all get there with some level of promotion. Either the person that submitted the story has a large network on Digg, the site is massively popular and will get votes no matter what, or the site has people giving their content a push. Whatever the case may be there is some level of promotion involved whether it is building a large Digg account, promoting a webpage, or building a social media base. Good stories don’t magically make the front page because the content is good.

Additionally I wanted to add that this can kind of give you an outline on how to use the system to your advantage. So even if you have crap content you can generate traffic. But the thing is if you have crap content your site and tactics are going to stick out like a sore thumb leading to your accounts and/or site getting banned by these services. Even if you survive you will see diminishing returns over a period of time because there won’t be people outside of your circle voting. If your content is a good the idea of this circle is to help give it a jump start where other people will see it and vote. You can Buy YouTube Views Cheap from the licensed site to have the benefits. People are provided with the latest technologies to increase the subscribers. The views will promote the brand at the large scale ay social media platform. There is an increase in the sale of the brand and product. 

One final other note. This isn’t an outline on how to become a power digger. Honestly that is something I have never cared about becoming. If you want to do that you should really subscribe to the RSS feed of popular diggers, get on their radar by voting their stories consistently, and submit a lot of quality content before others do. (There is a lot more to it than that but I am not looking at writing a guide for that today but those are tips that people generally give out for becoming a power digger.)

General rules of social media voting:

1) Don’t submit your own content

2) For the most part votes only matter for the intitial 24 hour period they were submitted in (except for StumbleUpon)

3) Don’t leave lame comments like “funny” or “dugg” or “that was awesome”, make them either worthwhile or snarky

4) You have to build a network and remain active. This can’t be a one way street used only to promote content you want to promote you have to participate by sharing diverse content that isn’t yours.

How to build a network:

1) Sign up to all the IM services, use an IM client for your computer that blends them all into one. (Trillian for PC, Adium for Mac). I would recommend to keep your personal accounts and these split so you can sign on without getting vote requests all the time.

2) Sign up for all the major social bookmarking services: Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Propeller, and Mixx.

3) Add the IM profiles and the social bookmarking services to your Digg profile.

4) Go through stories you like on digg and examine who voted for them. If they have IM information on their profile add it to your IM. Create two lists, one for people you have already talked to and others you haven’t.

5) Reach out to these people and ask if they want to share stories, don’t flat out say trading votes because it is looked down upon. After reaching out to these people move them from one group to the other.

6) Add Digg, Mixx, Reddit, Propeller, and Delicious bookmarklets or toolbars to your browser so it is easier to submit stories. Or get an all in one tool for Firefox, there are many out there.

7) Start submitting content other than your own to these sites as you come across stories people may find interesting. Push a few of these stories on occasion.

8) Vote on the requests that are sent to you unless you don’t feel comfortable about the story. If you feel someone is only promoting poor content remove them from your list or block them so you don’t ask for votes when you aren’t helping them out and so they can no longer contact you. Send out requests to others and begin to build relationships with these users.

9) Once you have established relationships find people that will submit content from your site that you would liked pushed. Once it is submitted by one of your friends reach out to your IM your network and ask them to vote

Tip: When sending out voting request vary the URL. Send them to the upcoming pages, the site, or other pages on the social media sites so it always isn’t the direct URL.

Every month or so people will cycle through your network. You need to regenerate it by adding more people so you will want to step four and five every few weeks.

The larger network you have the more you can diversify who is voting for your content. You don’t want to have the same people voting every single time for the stories you push. By having a large network you can also push stories at different times of the day.

A few other things you may want to do is to make sure that you place voting buttons on your content so your readers can vote on stories, make sure buttons are included on your RSS feed, and educate your readers about these services. You might have a large untapped group of people that will vote and submit your content. Additionally you may want to follow the #digg tag on Twitter and become active in voting for Digg requests on there. Once you start becoming involved and following the people using that tag you can share your own content and use the Digg tag as well

I hope this is a good general overview that you can use and fine helpful. There are some intricacies that I didn’t cover on here but this is enough for you to get moving on using these sites and building a network.

Fashion Tips Plus Size Women

Even if fashion magazines and other media channels would like us to believe otherwise, plus size women can still look great. The secret lies in finding the right fashion styles that are appropriate for plus size women.

We have gathered some of the tried and true fashion styling tips for plus size women. These are the practices that many plus size women have sworn to be effective. They work and they do a very good job of making plus size women look fabulous and sexy.

  1. Dress for your body shape

If you are a plus-size lady, the first important thing you should do is to know your body shape. Do you have an hourglass shape, a pear shape, or a rectangular shape? Do you have an athletic build? Knowledge of your body shape is basic and is the first step in mapping out your fashion choices. This is where The Leading Wholesale Ladies Clothing Manchester Supplier comes to the rescue with some of the most amazing deals and offers on women’s clothing.

  1. Know what and what does not work

When you have gained knowledge of your body shape, the next thing to find out is the dos and don’ts for it. Learn what works and what does not work for your type of figure. Embrace what works and makes you look good, and avoid those that do not flatter you at all. Plus size women with hourglass shapes, for example, are better off with dresses that cinch in at the waist than those shapeless silhouettes that just hang off one’s body. Pear shape plus size women, on the other hand, look better with separates like a V-neck top that’s paired with a pair of wide-leg pants or an A-line skirt, as this style would help create the illusion of the hourglass figure. A little bit of research on what is good and bad goes a long way.

Be cautious in choosing what is trendy as opposed to what looks great on you. It does not mean that since it is currently trendy, you would look good wearing it. Sometimes it is easier to forego what is on-trend and choose the classic styles that best fit you.

  1. Emphasize your assets

If you have it, then flaunt it—this old adage exists for a reason; it is simply true.

Show off the best that you have got by emphasizing your assets. Display your best features like a sexy décolletage, a pair of endless and long legs, some luscious curves, or well-toned arms. Do this by wearing clothes that would accentuate them.

  1. Choose the right fit

Make sure that your clothing fits you perfectly. Nothing looks as bad as ill-fitting clothes. Do not shy away from figure-hugging outfits, as these are great in emphasizing your figure. Unshapely clothes or baggy garments, on the other hand, overwhelm your shape. Avoid cheap fabrics that hug your body in the wrong areas. Choose great quality textiles like cotton and silk that mold the body perfectly, thereby creating a clean and contoured silhouette.

If a piece of clothing that you like does not fit you right, you can always take it to the tailor and have it adjusted. It will cost you a little extra, but the way it will flatter your body will be very much worth the expense and effort in the long run.

Choosing the right fit also applies to your underwear. When your underwear clings to your body perfectly, your clothes will do the same. They will settle on your body better and you will feel more at ease and confident.

  1. Wear color

Colors are great; so do not be afraid of them. Wearing an outfit that comes in a single color actually is beneficial for you, as they tend to elongate and make you look thinner. Colors provide that slimmer look, while patterns do the opposite; they make you look bigger so better avoid them.

Color is also a great way to bring attention to certain areas of your body. If you want to bring focus to your waist, for example, a colorful top would do the trick.

  1. Accessorize

Make your look more interesting with accessories. Refresh an outfit with a colorful scarf or add a necklace or two. A shawl, for example, does not only keep you warm but also adds more facet to your style. Carrying a sharp handbag and putting on a sexy pair of shoes would also help a lot.

What is great about accessories is that you can mix and match them with other outfits. For this reason, they are more useful and versatile than, say, clothes, for instance. Accessories that are classic are great investments because they do not depend on what is currently fashionable and may be worn for a long time.

Do not forget to update your accessories if they are already rather outdated.

  1. Never mind the rules

Do not be afraid to break some fashion rules. Remember that the most beloved fashion icons were those who were fond of breaking the rules. Since not every fashion rule is applicable to all, it stands to reason that what may work for one may not altogether suit another. So, get creative, experiment, and have some fun with your fashion choices. Do what you see works for you even if they do not for other women or are not on-trend.

Do you have other fashion styling tips for plus size women? We would love to hear them so let us know.

Lemon Law Attorney For Your Cars

Are you the kind of person who is fond of automobiles? Then you must be owning a car and experiencing it. The necessity to own a motor car is increasing nowadays, and it is rare to find houses without a motor car. A plethora of cars and models are sold all over the world. So, before buying a car, one ensures the company’s reputation and reviews of the products they deliver. Even after doing proper research and buying a car, if one finds that his car needs repair often, it is considered a lemon. In such a case, one must do thorough reads about the state lemon laws, approach the respective local lemon attorneys, and get justice for them. Do you need a lemon law lawyer in California? Then, know your requirements and state laws have a detailed report of the history of your car repairs and let the company pay for the lemon’s problems. 

What is all about the lemon law?

If you bought a car that requires repair once in thirty days or more, then the manufacturer or the company has sold you a lemon car. So, lemon laws are designed in such a way to provide people with justice for having been sold a vehicle that is of low quality and performance standards. 

And the most important thing is that the lemon law varies from state to state, and people must be careful in researching their state laws and filing a case. So, the lemon law can help people claim a refund for their damaged car or a replacement for the vehicle. Once a person’s vehicle is determined as lemon, then legal moves can be taken to avail of a substitution for the damaged car.

Requirements to be considered before reaching out to the attorney

Before reaching out to the lemon law attorney, know the requirements for filing a case over the company. The first and foremost is that the car must have a warranty. It is not that the vehicle’s guarantee must be new, but the motor car must have a guarantee even if it is a used car. The next thing is related to the car’s problem that has been repaired many times, and yet the car does not perform well. In such a case, the motor car can be declared as lemon. The attempts taken to fix the problem must be within one or two years from the purchase date. 

If your car needed a repair, it must be taken to the respective dealer and not to any other mechanic to be eligible for the lemon law. The car owner must contain detailed reports of the car’s repairs that make the legal proceedings easier. Choose the appropriate attorney for your lemon to avoid problems in the future. 

Be aware of the legal proceedings

The car owner must be aware of the legal procedures before claiming the replacement for his vehicle. Most dealerships are responsible for lemon law proceedings, and they thrive to obtain a solution for the problems at minimum legal actions. So, it is a better decision to approach their respective dealers of the car for any refund or replacement before reaching out to the lemon law attorney. After following the given procedures, reach out to the best attorney of your state. Choosing the best attorney can earn you better refunds and replacements for your car, so be wise in choosing one. Having enough evidence of the history of car repairs can earn you more chances for a replacement. So, adhere to the rules and get justice for the loss you faced legally. 

Know About All The Popular Pc Game Rust Is Coming To Ps4 And Xbox One!

Rust games are considered as one of the most popular games which are played massively online. This is a survival game that can either be played individually or as a multi-player. If you are interested in playing such games, then it is important for you to accompany all the things while playing out. Rust games are leading as one of the most famous and superior massive games and coming to access on PS4 as well as on Xbox One. 

To know about it, you can also lead it with Free steam account Rust Stalker so that it will become a beneficial option for you to play out. If you are a beginner at playing rust games, then there are a lot of things on which you have to focus on. These all are accompanied as the major through which survival games are leading day by day.

It is a complicated task as well as quite terrifying to know about playing rust games because assisting action games are relatively tough. It is creative but brutal, too, for acknowledging all the things about a rust survival game. Also, all you need to consider out is acquiring vehicles and upgrading them. Combating through situations as well as knowing about the developing player, attacking the opponent will become easier for you. 

The popularity which leads on Xbox and Ps4:

With the change in time, now one will be able to play a rust survival game on Xbox as well as on Ps4 too. As a reason, it is providing a lot of opportunities through which accessing and playing such games will become easier for you. on the other side, here, you will be accompanied and experience that a better version of equipment and weapons are associated. As a reason, it is leading at a low cost so that a beginner will also be able to acquire them. 

One thing which you should know while playing massive online games is about repairing the vehicles. As a reason, when you will play the game, you will also feel the need to upgrading and repairing the vehicle, so it is important for you to know that what is the right way to access all such things. 

Some essential information:

Being a beginner, when you will lead on playing online massive and rust games, then, in the beginning, you will get some basic equipment. But later on, you have to earn them and upgrade your equipment with time so that it will become beneficial for you to play throughout the game. Also, one should know that managing and considering all these things are important while playing out the game. As a reason, it will help you to defeat the enemies and other opponents easily. 

The last words,

If you go through the information which is listed in the upper section, then it will become a beneficial option for you to play survival and rust games with the massive online information listed in it.

Diet and Nutrition Archives – Gain Muscle and Lose Weight

Did you know that not all types of fat are bad for you? In fact, your body cannot function without fat. It all boils down to the kinds of fat that you’re eating. Eating enough fat makes you feel satiated, satisfied and full. It gives you the feeling of having a nice full stomach without the bloated feeling.

Also it helps your body to function properly, namely the brain and other organs.

There are basically two kinds of fat. The fat that’s responsible for many coronary diseases and the other one that’s good for you. As a matter of fact, eating the right types of fat can also help you burn fat more.

So what makes us obese and put on so much weight as a culture? It has more to do with refined and processed carbohydrates in the form of flour products like, breads, pastas, wheat, chips, cereal, pizza etc. This is causing what’s called a metabolic syndrome x, which is a precurser to diabetes, heart disease and other health complications.

So lay off the carbohydrates which raise insulin levels and cause havoc in your body. The human body in all its blood is only designed to have 1 gram of sugar in it. If you eat 15 grams of sugar in one sitting, what happens to the other 14 grams? You guessed it, love handles, spare tires, cellulite, big wide hips, big butt and worst of all, fat inside your arteries which causes heart attacks.

Cholesterol which is usually created in order to regulate hormone levels, now has to pack itself inside the walls of the arteries near your heart and this prevents blood flow to your heart. The cholesterol isn’t the problem, it is the sugar which causes inflammation and tiny microscopic tears that need to be repaired with cholesterol.

Next time you’re going to eat that fried donut, ask yourself if it’s worth a heart attack? Because that’s what it’ll cause.

You should know that healthy fat is needed for your body to function properly. Without fat, your hormones cannot work properly, along with your brain and nervous system. Our organs, even our digestive system, will not function propely if you don’t feed your body healthy fat.

Here’s a list of fats you should be avoiding:

  • Stay away from hydroginated oils at all costs.
  • There is nothing natural about fake butter. They are man made and so infused with chemicals that there’s nothing natural about them.

Some, not all, are actually harmful for you even if they are vegetable oils. An example is canola oil.

Here’s a list of fat sources you should incorporate in your daily diet:

  • Don’t just eat the yolk where the protein and amino acids are. Eat the egg whites also. In nature fat is always coupled WITH a protein. Don’t isolate when nature doesn’t.
  • The fat from these healthy animals is critical for our health and our teeth, bones, skin and hair. We simply cannot thrive without these fat soluble vitamins.
  • Raw nut butters and nuts are excellent for digestion and health. Just make sure to not eat too much of it as they can actually go the other direction and impare digestion. Small amounts of nuts is great. I prefer raw seeds like pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds.
  • I like raw butter from Organic Patures because I know it’s organic and grass fed. Cows were never meant to eat corn. Any oil should be stored in a dark dark glass as they are light sensitive and can oxidize quite easily. Free radicals form and can turn the oil rancid and you wouldn’t be able to taste it.
  • These sources of fat are filled with saturated fat. All of these won’t give you heart disease. Additionally, these healthy fat sources can actually help you burn fat.
  • Make some eggs, preferrably organic eggs because they are rich in omega 3s. You can cook them with coconut oil or organic grass fed butter.
  • Nibble on nuts like walnuts and almonds. Almonds are rich in fiber while walnuts are rich in omega 3s. Carrots or celery sticks with almond butter is one of my personal favorites.
  • You can prepare salmon with olive oil as a dressing and avocado as a dessert. If you get really creative you can make raw pies out of blended cashews and add flavors like strawberry or vanilla that taste incredible.

With this plan, you’ve already incorporated health fats in every meal of the day.

Don’t forget, it’s not fat that makes you fat. It’s eating processed highly refined (or fried) starchy flour products that contain gluten and carbohydrates that make you fat.

To conclude, if one were to avoid eating fried and oily food, then half the problems pertaining to the human body like body fat, cholesterol, blood pressure and many others would be controlled, if not eradicated, to a great extent as it is still never too late to give up on temptations especially when it comes to food as you can see here the numerous points given above and regular exercise can do wonders.

Should I use Social Media Marketing?

I had a professor in a marketing class tell me that marketing was how you spread your net to bring in all your customers. Since then I have heard it described as a sells pipeline, a sales funnel and a few other less memorable descriptors. Without all the mental images, marketing is simply that effort you make to get your brand message out and get your customers moving toward the buying decision and most importantly keeping those customers coming back for life.

When I was younger I used to be a car salesman and a sales manager told us at a morning meeting that the easiest way to double our sales was to sell another car to all of our previous customers. It seemed a little ridiculous to me at first, but a few months later, they announced the top sales honors. They guy who was top salesman made over 100k in commissions, I had made only about 40k. Out of curiosity a couple of days later I asked him his secret. He said it was no secret that almost half his sales that year were from previous customers. He gave me his explanation of how he always sent birthday cards and just called to chat and never mentioned buying cars. In essence what he did was build a relationship beyond buying cars. He became kind of an all around go to resource for his customers. He had 15 sales to customers that had moved to the other side of the country, but bought cars from him because they trusted him. Voy Media YouTube will provide evidence to the people of the best services. The marketing at YouTube is done with the available tools. The results are excellent for the promotion of the brand and products. The services are trustworthy and reliable for the audience. 

I got all motivated and started trying to emulate his efforts, after about 3 weeks I came to a sobering conclusion, this was seriously hard work. I pretty much let my efforts fade into memory and continued to be a 40k a year salesman until I got a wife and kids and some serious motivation from that side of the house. Because to do it right and create those opportunities does in fact take a lot of work.

What I realize now, looking back on that lesson in sales, what the top salesman was doing was social marketing. He was constantly in front of his customers, but not in a pushy sales kind of way, but in hey I am not just your friend but an indispensible ally. With the advent of Social media, we now have a tool that lets us be out there in front of and connected to our customers in a much more personal way than ever before. But just like the old manual way, it is still a lot of work, like all relationships you have to put the effort into it in order to create and maintain it. It has to go beyond “Hey we are having a sale come on down.” No it has to be a real two way relationship. If you see a valued customer is always making post about the Charger’s, then guess what you talk to them about the next time they stop by, if they are a truly valuable customer get them some tickets. Watch what kind of loyalty you get then.

Moving on later in my career, I had a writing job for a small publication, I wrote an article on how horrible reverse mortgages are and that you should never get one. My boss called me in and asked me what in the world had gone wrong with my brain. I was taken back and then he explained that the three biggest advertising accounts were from the three local banks and there was no way that article was going to see the light of day. I was offended, and promptly quit the job. Looking back, I realized the issue wasn’t a free speech or liberty type thing like I made it out to be in my head, but rather smart businesses don’t offend their customers period.

What I failed to realize was the nameless, faceless people out there reading that paper were in fact real live potential customers for our advertisers. The same thing applies to social marketing using social media, especial today’s social media. If you put something offensive or alienating out there, you can’t take it back. Worst off you may not even know that you did, since most people will not take the time to complain.

I read Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography a few years back, what I realized reading it was old Ben’s secret to financial and political success was good old fashioned Social marketing. His descriptions of his methods are timeless and are a good formula to use in any modern social media campaign. First, he made an effort to always look busy, like he would go into work early, and keep his lights on late, keeping the appearance of being very busy. Even though he might have only been reading, this appearance of industry, created a buzz so to speak that brought him many customers and created a good reputation. The same thing applies to your Facebook or Google page. Read and respond to all the post, and then make a post yourself. Second, he kept constant social contact with his community through his civic service, and philanthropy, the same thing again applies, keep your message positive talk about the positive things in the community. Lastly, he made an effort to never be confrontational or offensive, if someone asked him a question about religion, he would never contradict but simply state “I imagine that could be so, or that seems possible to me” I know that seems obvious but stay away from hot button topics.

Most businesses cannot afford to alienate or isolate a potential customer pool. To do a social campaign correctly takes a lot of time and effort and you do not want to diminish that return by offending and alienating your customers. Subjects that evoke strong opinions are best avoided. Use your platform to build trust and authority with your clientele. Use the tools to get data on your customers to allow you to fulfill their needs before they even realize they have them. Get the information to make your approach very personal, this is truly where small business kills the big box. Although technology is giving them a more personal look, they should never be able to out personalize the small guy.

Of course most people who read this will think” what am I talking about, Social media presence is about search engine rankings.” Well, I thought so too at first, but I have realized that while a Social presence may raise your ranking, and bring a little more traffic, that is not where the power of social marketing lies. Social marketing allows you to create your sales net, or funnel, or pipeline and fill it and keep the message out there to move your customers to the buying decision. More importantly than that it gives you an excellent platform to keep those customers for life, used correctly you can position yourself not as a salesman but a valued friend whose advice they wouldn’t dream of being without.

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