Site Admins – Creating Site Admins in PHP Nuke

When you use PHP Nuke to create your website, you can have as many admins as you want. You can also control what permissions these admins have. You have full control over the site admins on your website. If you want to create admins to help you with your site or parts of your site, this tutorial will help you. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create site admins and how to assign permissions to the site admins. You have to be logged into the main admin panel in order to create these site admins in PHP Nuke.

Opening the Site Admins Panel in PHP Nuke

Now, you will need to open your site admins panel. To do this, you will need to click the Edit Admins button found in the Administrator Menu. When the page loads, scroll down towards the bottom of the page and you will see the Add a New Administrator section. This is the section you will use to create your admins.


Creating Site Admins in PHP Nuke

Now you are ready to begin creating your site admins. In this section, you will need to fill in the required fields. You will also need to select the permissions you want to assign to your site admins. Let’s take a closer look at the fields on this page.

PHP Nuke is a unique platform where you can create numerous site admins depending upon the requirement but the most important thing is to have a catchy preventivo sito web so that it would add a certain flavor to your site that will make it stand apart.


In this field, you will need to enter the site admins’ real name. This field is required and cannot be changed after you click the Add Author button, so make sure you have this field correct before you add the admin to your site.


Of course this is pretty self explanatory. Enter the desired nickname for your site admin in this field. This field is also required.


Enter the site admins’ email address in this field. This field is required.


If you have a URL for this admin to a personal site or something else that you would like to link the admin to, you can enter the URL in this field. This field is not required.


The language is set to English by default. If you need to change it for some reason, drop this box down and select your option.


Ok, this area is important. This is where you select what area admins can access and have control over. Choose your options carefully in this section. To allow an admin to access certain areas, you will need to click the box beside those areas to check them. Check as many as you want.

Super User –

If you select this option, you will allow the admin access to your entire site. So, make sure you know the admin well before allowing them to be a super user, just my two cents..


The last field is the password field. Enter a password for the site admin in this field. This field is required.

When you have filled in the above fields, you can click the Add Author button at the bottom of the page to create the new site admin. If you have more site admins to create, you can start over in this section and create more. After you click Add Author, the fields will be reset and blank again.

Using A VPN While Traveling – Check Out The Complete Guide Carefully!

VPN network is a private network that can be used in different windows as well as the operating system. You can access a website as well as the application by using a virtual private network. With the help of a VPN, one can easily protect the data as well as uniform the IP address. You can also use different applications and those websites which are blocked and can’t be accessed in your region. For protecting the internet traffic, your confidential data, calls, important emails, you can consider a VPN network easily. More often, while traveling, it becomes easy to use the VPN because the functionality is the same as well as secure the data too. Sometimes connecting your device with a Wi-Fi becomes dangerous for you. As a reason, while outside their comes some instances when a person connects his or her mobile phone to a public network, which is also called as free Wi-Fi.

It becomes dangerous for us because by connecting your mobile phone with an unsecured private data, all your information and personal details get stolen. A person having a malicious purpose can encrypt your data easily with the help of an unsecured network considered in café, airports, malls, and stations. It is highly important for you to avoid connecting your phone in a public place or with an unsecured network because it can steal all your personal information. Now, one can easily secure all the data and information while traveling too, as you can go through the right VPN network so that you can surfing privately. You can takethecoupon for buying a secured virtual private network so that it will give you satisfactory results and secure your data too. 

What are the methods for using a VPN network?

It is very convenient to access a virtual private network because it can be connected to different windows and operating systems. You just need to download and install the virtual private network in your operating system. It could be anything such as a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, any ios device, or window. It is safe as well as secure to use a virtual private network. By using a virtual private network, no one can encrypt your data as your information is secured. You need to be attentive to takethecoupon, and for choosing the right virtual private network, it is important to consider an appropriate platform. It should be compatible with other devices, windows, speed, and service, as well as comes with a wide range and availability.

By using a virtual private network, you will get a hidden IP address, which means that it is difficult to obtain the IP address of the user. Do not rush towards a cheaper virtual private network because you might not get satisfactory outcomes through it. Also, there are different virtual private networks that come from the maximum price to the minimum price. It is important to consider all the things appropriately so that you can firmly secure your data as well as information.

While traveling, it becomes difficult to consider a secure network because hotels, cafes, and movie halls might provide you Wi-Fi, but they are not secured. You need to consider a virtual private network and a private network so that you can easily access your phone or laptop without any difficulty. There are lots of instances where you will find a public network, so it is important for you to avoid such networks and consider a private one.

What are the tips for buying a virtual private network? 

Buying a virtual private network is easy because there are lots of websites as well as services through which you can easily buy the VPN service. You just need to be a little bit attentive to choosing a secured network. As a reason, there are lots of networks and services available in the market, so it is important for you to choose the service wisely. Just consider the feedback section for buying a VPN service because here you will get all the relative information regarding the service.

Lastly, in the above section, I have listed all the crucial aspects through which you can easily access a VPN set up while traveling.

Here Are The Common, Basic, And Unique Ways To Start Using CBD Oil!

CBD oil is used for various purposes, such as curing depression, anxiety, and several other diseases. There are lots of methods for applying CBD oil, and in this article, you will be going to read about the common, basic, and unique ways of using it. The very first thing which you need to keep in your mind is to buy the right product and CBD oil. As a reason, there are several websites as well as stores where you might get fake CBD oil. If you are buying from an online store, then it is crucial for you to read CBD reviews so that you get the right product. There are lots of benefits to buying CBD oil and applying it. If an individual is facing the problem of anxiety and depression, then consuming CBD oil will be highly beneficial for them. The results of CBD oil will help you to get rid of your problem as well as disease.

Do not consume CBD oil without the permission and prescription of doctors because this oil is not easily available as well as found in the stem of CBD plant. There are lots of methods for applying CBD oil, and in the lower section you will be going to read them as:

The common, basic, and unique ways to start using CBD oil:

You can go creative for applying CBD oil so that it becomes versatile for you to use it. CBD oil is made from non-toxic chemicals as well as there are lots of ways to use it.

  • There are some products for CBD oil skincare through which you can apply this oil on your body. Time by time, there are new developments and manufacturing have been generated through which one can easily apply CBD oil and consume it. There are lots of creams as well as lotions that are infused with CBD oil. You can buy and apply them to your body so that you get the benefits of CBD oil. Despite curing anxiety, there are some other benefits of consuming CBD oil, such as it comes with the property of anti-aging as well as ant oxidization through which your body gets proper nutrition. 
  • The next interesting way to apply or consume CBD oil is to bake food in CBD oil. Basically, CBD oil is made up of coconut oil, so it is appropriate for you to baking with CBD oil. There are no side-effects in considering this option because it is beneficial for your body. 

  • There are several drinks available in the markets which are infused with CBD oil. If you want to consume, then you can go through this option too. It is simple, as well as a quick way for you to consume CBD oil. 

The above listed are some of the common, basic, and unique ways to start applying and using CBD oil. Consider this information wisely so that it will become beneficial for you to go through it. 


5 Essential Pokémon Go Tips For Beginners

If you are a beginner in Pokemon Go, you are definitely in the right place. This article will provide you some of the helpful and essential Pokemon Go tips that would help you advance in the game. You don’t have to buy pokemon go account just to increase your points, you just have to follow these essential tips. 

Look for a Pokestop Nexus

One of the best tips that you should consider when playing Pokemon Go is to find a Pokestop . It is important to check and know places that are abundant and those places that are just devoid of things. But according to some players. Most of the gamers are most likely to play lure modules, which draw more creatures to the area. This will be an advantage for those players who want to catch more rare Pokemons. Hence, to know the places where more Pokemons can be found, find a Pokestop nexus.

Get to the water

Some players believe that most of the creatures are located in the beach or anywhere near water. Since water Pokemon congregate in water instead of inland, beaches and other places near water are surely bountiful with a lot of Pokemons. Some of those include Horsea, Omastar, and Psyduck. Surely, adding these Pokemons and other rare creatures to your Pokedex will give you extra point bonus. Additionally, if you are a type of player who always wants to do battle, you will be able to use water Pokemons that you collected and will give you an advantage on all of the rock, ground, and fire water pokemon.

Invest in incubators

Another helpful tip in Pokemon go is to invest in extra incubators. If you want to somehow invest some money on the game, experts advice to use it in buying one or two incubators. In the game, hatching an egg requires a whole lot of walking around and there is nothing worse than investing all that time in a 5 KM egg. So the most ideal to do is to have incubators. If you have incubators, you will be able to stagger your kilometers so it will lessen the hurt of the prize.

Have Your Weaker Pokemon transferred

If you tap on the weaker Pokemon, you will be able to transfer them one at a time. Hence, you will be able to focus more on those Pokemons that are strong enough to battle with other pokemons. This will give you more advantage if you are the type of player who want to battles with other players. Certainly, for you to win, you have to use strong Pokemon. In addition, your weaker Pokemon will be given development and training to level up.

Increase Your Lucky Eggs

You should also be able to maximize your lucky eggs to level up your account. Lucky eggs will also double all your experiences for half an our after it’s activated. But as a player, you should be wise on using these lucky eggs,. You should not use them right away or anytime you just want to. You should use your lucky eggs when you are ready to join raids for 1 to 2 hours. By being smart about when and where to use your lucky eggs will help you earn staggering point. 

Join Raids

Lastly, you should keep on joining raids to increase your experience points. You should also join some groups and make friends so that you have support during raids. Completing raids all by yourself is certainly difficult. But having some friends to go to raid with will give you a competitive advantage.

How to Eliminate Insomnia

If you’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, you may be experiencing insomnia. However, there are several things you can do to treat insomnia, and a few simple changes in your lifestyle can make a big difference in how you sleep and night, and how much sleep you get every night.

One of the best things you can do to treat your insomnia is to create a ritual or routine for yourself. Try to go to bed around the same time every night, and develop a habit before sleeping, such as a reading a chapter of a novel or watching your favorite show on television. This will give your body the indication that it is time to wind down, and you will be able to relax sooner. Chances are insomnia won’t set in this way, since your body will be ready for sleep.

You should also try to make sure that your bedroom is inviting and encourages sleep if you want to treat insomnia. Try to make the room comfortable by cooling down the temperature in the room, so that you will be more likely to cover up in the blankets and sheets for warmth. You should also make sure that the lights in the room are dim, so that you will be more prone to sleep in your room, and not do other chores, like pay bills or straighten up when it’s time for bed.

One foolproof way that never goes awry is to read books of the topics that you find most boring as would happen whenever you had to read your schoolbooks in childhood and would fall asleep immediately but it might work for a few days following which the insomnia would resurge so it is better to consult a doctor.

Doctors also suggest that you don’t eat anything really close to your bedtime, in order to give your body time to digest the food, which makes for better sleep. Eating heavy meals before bedtime is definitely not a good idea, since even it you do fall asleep, you may wake up to discomfort due to indigestion and this can make your insomnia worse. Making sure that you don’t drink any alcohol or caffeine a few hours before you have to go to bed will also help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

In addition to these things, you’ll want to try to have a stress-free day if at all possible, so that you won’t be uptight or worried when it’s time to go to bed. Make sure that you practice stress management throughout the day so that your blood pressure is down by bedtime, and your mind isn’t on the stresses of work or school. You should also try to exercise earlier in the day, so that your adrenaline will be up while you have to move around and run errands throughout the day, and your body will be ready to rest when you are, and you wont’ have to worry about the threat of insomnia.

If you try these suggestions and don’t see any improvement for about a week or so, be sure to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss more options for treating your insomnia. You may be experiencing insomnia due to a chemical imbalance in the body, or other health issues that your physician will be able to diagnose.

Chain Bracelet- What you Need to Know

Women are known for their love or rather die hard passion for jewelry and are prepared to do anything to get it and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as they don’t take the wrong path to do so.

It is in the nature of human psyche to desire whatever the heart takes fancy to whether the object of affection is a person or an object and the joy of beholding it has to be experienced to be believed in its true sense.

Coming back to jewelry, they can be categorized as gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, rubies, sapphires and so on and this is something that is both a headache and a life saver for men who have a girlfriend/wife and we all know how demanding they can be, especially if the girlfriend takes on the role of the wife.

Human Chain

It doesn’t matter what kind of jewelry you want to have because the answer is quite obvious but what matters is whether you can afford to have all that you want, which again has an obvious answer.

There is a limit to what all you can purchase in jewelry so you don’t see many people lining up inside jewelry stores to get whatever they set their eyes on but what they can get so gold, silver, diamond and pearl is out of the question.

However, that doesn’t stop the women from having their say to their men and this is why they start demanding bracelets made from chain so as to mitigate their hunger for jewels, which cannot be savored due to budget constraints.

A bracelet is typically small in size where metal chains are used in place of gold and are circular in shape to cover different parts of the body like neck, ankles and wrists, the most prominent ones being anklets and lockets with pendants.

It is this aspect that defines the relationship of man and woman and how he is able to fulfill her desire and maintain the ‘human chain’ of the relationship as girls tend to breakup with their boyfriends for such a trivial issue of not getting a chain bracelet.


Bracelets are normally worn around the neck in the form of pendants as mentioned above but can be used for various other purposes but best served as an ornament glistening around the neck or arms of a woman.

It is not that men don’t wear bracelets but just that the demand for women ones are quite high which is why you can find more of their types whenever you go into a jewelry shop.

Bracelets have a strong cultural significance and date back to 5000 BC where ancient Egyptian queens had their entire body covered with jewels with a dozen of them put out for display.

You can find bracelets for women by by visiting their website where there are models of different size and shape to cater to the size and taste of all women which is why it is a popular website for shopping.

Understanding the Health Benefits Of CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a product extracted from the plant Cannabis Sativa which offers plenty of health benefits to an individual. It is from a type of Cannabinoid that can be found on a marijuana plant, but CBD does not cause a “high” effect or any form of euphoria unlike with the marijuana plant.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is another type of cannabinoid found in Cannabidiol which does not cause psychoactive behavior unlike with marijuana making it an appealing alternative for those who are looking to ease their pain and other sensations.

Here are some of the potential medical uses and benefits you may consider which are backed with scientific findings and clinical researches.

Pain Reliever

CBD Oil can impact your brain receptors helping you manage and tolerate pain. CBD, in combination with THC, is an effective supplement to help relieve pain associated with illnesses like arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Studies have shown that cannabis offers relief benefits when taken after chemotherapy treatments as the body produces neurotransmitters that bind the nervous system receptors and help reduce chronic pain as well as reducing inflammation and irritation.

Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are both common mental health problems that can impact your day to day activities.

CBD has shown improvements in the health of other people who use it as a natural approach in treating anxiety and/or depression. Using CBD oil may help your receptors function actively is sending out chemical messages and responses to different stimuli.

Study shows that CBD has been used to safely treat insomnia and anxiety on individuals who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.

Natural Skincare Essentials

The effects of CBD on the receptors in the immune system acts as an anti-inflammatory alternative and it can also help reduce sebum production. Excessive sebum or the natural oil your body secretes for hydration can lead to breakouts and acne. In turn, CBD oil will provide you with benefits for acne management.

But before considering CBD Oil for acre treatment consider consulting your dermatologist to avoid any side effects during the process.

Neuroprotective Attributes

Researchers believed that CBD can greatly affect your brain receptors to deliver chemical messages which can greatly benefit people with neurological disorders. 

Studies have shown that CBD is an impressive alternative for treating people with epileptic nature and multiple sclerosis.

Researchers are studying its potential effectiveness in treating several neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and have shown promising results.

However, CBD oil may reduce inflammation and cause neurodegenerative symptoms to worsen that is why more extensive research is needed to improve the quality of life and further understand what CBD can offer to humanity.

Bottom Line

There is more to CBD that you should consider knowing about, it could be the next best alternative the medical field can use to ensure the quality of life for everyone.

If you are interested in knowing more about CBD, visit for latest CBD news.

Birthday Gift Ideas for a Special Elderly Person

How do you buy a special birthday gift for an elderly person? There is the perception, leftover from older generations, that once you reach a certain age, life is over. Today, the active lives of individuals in their sixties, seventies, and even eighties, shows that many elderly citizens have productive lives long after middle age. While a birthday present for an elderly person takes into consideration health and energy levels, consideration also needs to be given likes and dislikes in order to give the gift that will mean the most to the recipient, for instance, bath aids are considered to be really good gifts for elderly.

If a family is a priority, consider a gift that highlights family. Collect video clips of family members either sending birthday greetings or also adding memories of the elderly birthday recipient for a special video presentation. Put the video on a DVD you buy and give as your gift. Collect pictures and letters from family about their appreciation as well as family memories that include the birthday recipient for a memory photo album you buy. Frame a series of family pictures for a wall display.

If the elderly individual celebrating a birthday enjoys people and parties, plan a birthday party with family, friends, and co-workers as your gift. You can design a birthday card that clarifies your gift, “I didn’t know what to give you for your birthday so decided to throw a party.” Buy balloons, order cake and serve punch in the favorite flavor and colors of the elderly birthday recipient. Include a card shower from all who attend and even from those unable to attend.

Maybe the elderly birthday recipient has worked hard and taken care of family, always thinking of him/herself last. For a birthday gift, give something he/she has always wanted to have or do. Provide the birthday recipient with tickets to a concert or take him/her to an amusement park. Book the elderly birthday recipient and a companion of choice on a cruise or plan a trip to a resort on the beach, in the mountains or someplace the elderly birthday recipient always wished to travel.

Are there people the individual admires? Approach a celebrity, sports figure, or government leader on their behalf, asking for an acknowledgment of the elderly recipient’s birthday. The office of your representative or senator will assist in getting a card sent out from a member of government. Your gift is getting a card, email or letter sent to the elderly birthday recipient from a person admired. The acknowledgment may be sent directly to the birthday recipient or you can have it sent to you. You can then wrap it in a box or frame it in a special frame you purchase.

A fantastic beginner’s guide to get started with diamond painting!

Art has been an integral part of the world for a long time. Paintings and arts are being made all over the world since ancient times. The only thing that has changed is the type of art and paintings that people draw. With the passage of time, a wide variety of paintings have surfaced, and each one of them has its own unique features, techniques, and qualities. One of the most popular and highly trending art forms nowadays is diamond painting. Diamond painting is a type of mosaic art which is creating using numerous tiny raisins which shine bright like a diamonds. Different colors of diamonds are used, and all of them are put together by the artist to create the painting.

If you don’t know much about diamond painting and want to learn about it, then you can join a diamond painting club. Diamond painting is an art, and to get experts at a particular skill, you need to learn its basics properly. There are various essential things about diamond painting that you must learn as it will help you to understand it better and enhances your painting skills.

Some of the most important aspects of diamond painting 

The basics

There are certain necessary materials that you will require to create a diamond painting. The first step to learning diamond painting is to learn about the essential things that you will need to do it properly. Some of the important things needed for diamond painting are Sealer glue, Paintbrush, tweezers, Modge Podge, etc. If you are finding any issues in gathering these items, then there are certain Diamond Painting kits available in the market, which provides you with all the needed tools. The glue you use on your painting will affect its shine, so you must pick glue that is transparent so it won’t lower the shine of the diamonds. There are various glues available in the market, so you can try them all and pick the one that suits you the most.

How to get prepared for diamond painting?

There are various important aspects of diamond painting that you need to keep in mind. One of the most important aspects is the bubbled between the diamonds. These bubbles separate the diamond, but you can remove these issues by using a rolled and firmly rolling it over different parts of the painting. You must use the roller with soft hands so that it won’t damage the painting. You need to clean the diamonds so that all the extra wax and unwanted particles can be removed from them. You can use a toothbrush or a scrub or a soft cloth to clean it. Check the details and give a finishing touch to the formations using tweezers.

Use the sealant

There are numerous kinds of sealants available in the market, and you can pick anyone according to your choice and preferences. You need to stick the paste on the painting, and for it, you can use a brush, dip it into the paste and use it to coat the painting with it. You must avoid coating it too much as it can lower the intensity of the painting and destroy its shine and look. Once you are done with coating, you need to spray the glue on the diamonds so that they stick firmly with each other. You must use excellent and colorless glue so that it won’t affect the shine of the diamonds.

Some of the best diamond painting tips for the beginners

Choose the right painting

If you have just started with diamond painting, then you must choose the painting you are going to draw carefully. There are various types of painting; some of them are complex whereas some of them are simple. So, in the beginning, you must choose a simple painting so that you can paint it easily. Choosing intricate paintings may make you face some issues. You must go for basic symbols and figures so that you can learn the basics properly and enhance your diamond painting skills quickly.

Fix the layer of adhesive on the canvas

The canvas used for diamond painting comes with a layer of adhesive. You need to peel the top layer of the canvas so that you can place the diamonds on it, and they stick to the surface. Sometimes, there is no adhesive layer when you peel out the top cover of the canvas. It is because the adhesive sticks to the top layer, and it also comes out along with the layer. You can fix it easily by using a roller. Put the peeled layer back in its place and use a roller on it. It will out the adhesive back on the canvas. After this starting peeling of the top layer again but form the other side of the canvas. So, that the adhesive remains stick on the canvas.

Handle the canvas properly

One of the most important things to do excellent diamond painting is to handle the canvas properly. When you are starting your diamond painting, you must ensure that you have placed the canvas on a wide, clean and flat surface. It is necessary to keep the canvas leveled and stick the diamonds properly. You must start the painting from the top so that when you come down, you can easily shift the canvas upwards. It removes the risk for canvas slipping down from the surface, and that art is getting destroyed.

Put the canvas in a well-lit area

The color schemes hold great importance in diamond painting. So, to make it easier for you to differentiate among different colors, you must put the canvas under the spotlight. The light must be focused on the canvas so that you can use the right colored diamonds at the right spot. If you don’t have a light in the area where you paint, you can also use some portable sources of lights such as portable lamps and torches.

To put it in a nutshell, diamond painting is undoubtedly a unique and highly exciting art form. You can gain expertise if you follow the above tips and tricks correctly.

How to Create a Great PowerPoint Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is a great tool for the presenter. It allows him or her to create beautiful slide shows and get pictures, charts, and information out there and easy for the audience to see. However, misuses of the program have become very common and created many problems, and led many teachers and professionals to discourage the use of this amazing tool. Creating a great presentation is a great way to really Wow your audience. This is why you should also check out this amazing tool that is known as project scope document template that offers you a wide variety of templates that you can use in order to make your presentations more effective. 

Don’t Put In Too Much Information

A PowerPoint presentation is a visual aid to your presentation. It’s extremely important to remember that you are the one giving the presentation, not PowerPoint. You should never, read from your slides, and your slides should never contain all the information. It should be a guide or outline, not a book.

For example, imagine you are giving a presentation about Mary and her little lamb. This is what your PowerPoint slide shouldn’t look like:

  • Mary had a little lamb.
  • Its fleece was very white, almost like snow.
  • It followed her everywhere.

This, on the other hand, is what it should look like:

  • Mary’s Lamb
  • Fleece
  • Following Habits

What’s the difference? When you do it the wrong way, it makes you, the presenter, completely unnecessary! Why should the audience listen to you when they can get all of their information off the screen behind you? Audience members should be able to look at your presentation and know what you’re talking about, but they should also need to listen to you to know the specifics.

Don’t Put In Too Many Distractions

There are two things that Microsoft should have left out of the PowerPoint program: animations and colors. These cosmetic tools are so overused and abused that I’d rather see them completely left out than used as many people do. These things, while they can be helpful, are much more often a distracting, useless mess.

There is one and only one animation you should ever use: appear. There are times when being able to make certain objects on a slide until you want them to appear can really help your presentation. Maybe you want your audience to try to answer a question you’ve asked them. When someone gets it right, a click of the mouse and the answer appears on the screen, ready for you to explain in detail. It doesn’t take 25 seconds to spin around a few times, bounce off each side of the screen, and then shoot into place one letter at a time. It appears.

Color can also sometimes be a useful tool. Use it to accentuate and draw attention to important sections, or use it in a chart to differentiate between different fields of data. Unfortunately, color is rarely used this way. Instead, I see dozens of presentations created with an intricate background of sunset and bright lines and borders underneath the green or blue text. These things don’t contribute to a presentation. They complicate it, and they distract your audience from what they should really be paying attention to, you! There’s nothing wrong with black letters on a white background. If you want to make it look a little bit better, add a soothing background color or a very, very simple pattern. Keep the background light and the letters dark. This will make your presentation easier to see if it is projected in the lightroom. Avoid very bright or clashing colors.

There are plenty of other distractions that you should always avoid when creating a PowerPoint. Unless you’re showing a video clip or have a specific sound clip you want your audience to hear, the only thing that they should hear is you. You should always be the center of attention. After all, it is your presentation. Use PowerPoint to help you, not to replace you.

Do Use Pictures, Charts, and Graphs

Pictures are an awesome way to make your presentation more appealing, and charts and graphs are an amazing way to get your audience to understand any data you want to communicate to them. If you’ve got a PowerPoint, then you’ve also got Excel. You can use Excel to easily create beautiful graphs, and you can export them straight into PowerPoint with just a few clicks!

Don’t Use Irrelevant Pictures

Never put in a picture just for the sake of having one there. If your picture doesn’t directly relate to your presentation, all it’s going to do is distract your audience.

For example, let’s say you’re giving a presentation on how to bake an apple pie. You’re trying to explain that the crust must be spread evenly throughout the entire pan. This would be a great place for a picture of a perfectly spread crust!

Even relevant pictures can often be distracting. If you’re explaining how to spread the crust, a picture of a fully cooked slice of apple pie with a big scoop of ice cream on top isn’t going to do anything for you. Save that one for the end.

PowerPoint can outline your presentation, it can hold pictures and charts and even videos that supplement your presentation and provide examples for your audience. It can also distract from and outright ruin your presentation if it’s abused. Use it well, and you’ll create a presentation that will leave your competition in the dust!

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